Should I get a Video Projector for My Home Theater?

If you already own a good television set, at least standard definition and video connections, there is no express need to go for a video projector or change your television. If you are not satisfied with audio and picture quality of your existing television, you should first consider the option of buying a high definition television. The problem with many consumers is that rather than delve on w...


Is HDTV Essential for a Home Theater?

High definition television is not absolutely essential for creating a home theater but for a real cinema-like viewing you need to have HDTV. The basic reason for this is that the number of HDTV programming is increasing with every passing day. Moreover, the audio accompanying HDTV video is in surround sound, which coupled with the surround sound capability of the AV receiver gives super sound qu...


What is a Home Theater-in-a-Box?

Home theater-in-a-box is a system that contains all (or most) basic components of a home theater. These include surround sound receiver, all speakers, a DVD player and many times a DVD recorder as well. It is an ideal solution for those first timers who know little or nothing about home theaters. Home theater-in-a-box systems are compact systems and designed for convenience of the average consum...


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