What is a Home Theater-in-a-Box?

Home theater-in-a-box is a system that contains all (or most) basic components of a home theater. These include surround sound receiver, all speakers, a DVD player and many times a DVD recorder as well. It is an ideal solution for those first timers who know little or nothing about home theaters.

Home theater-in-a-box systems are compact systems and designed for convenience of the average consumer. The central piece, the receiver unit, may sometimes be as big or small as a DVD player. The speakers too are compact and small, often unnoticeable when mounted in room corners or placed on shelves. The biggest advantage is that they are easy to install and most of the wires and cables are provided. All that you need is a television set with AV inputs and audio outputs, A DVD player (unless provided as part of the system) and you are ready to set up a home theater. You do not need any special skills as the systems come with complete diagrams and easy to understand instruction manual.

Home theater-in-a-box systems are reasonably priced and you can get a basic model of less wattage for as low as $200. High end systems may be priced for as high as $2000 or more. However, you need to understand that these are basic systems and not top-end systems. There is a possibility that manufacturers compromise eon speaker quality.

These systems also do not deliver the type of power that you might need for a larger rooms. A serious music lover is unlikely to be satisfied with the sound quality of most home theater-in-a-box systems.



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