Basic Home Theater Tools

What you need is to buy basic tools of common use and some specific tools.

  • A screwdriver set that has all sizes ranging from small to medium. You may require these if there is a need for tightening a screw.
  • A wire cutter. You need this if there is a problem with cable connections. Cable connections often develop problems due to one reason or the there. If the picture or sound quality is not up to the mark and you find a problem with a lose cable connection, there may be a need to establish a fresh connection by slicing the end of the cable and reinserting it into the plug. Keep in mind that you can do this only for the simple cables that connect the TV to the set top box or the cable that connects the set top box to the cable port or the one that connects it to the dish antennae. It is better not to tamper sophisticated cables such as the HDMI cable.
  • Soldering iron. You will not be called upon to use this often. There may, however, be times when troubleshooting does to work and you have to call tech support for solving a problem. The person on the other end may ask you if you know a thing or two about electronics. If yes, you may be asked to open the AV receiver and check for solder joints. A soldering iron will help if there is a problem with a loose solder joint.



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