Is HDTV Essential for a Home Theater?

High definition television is not absolutely essential for creating a home theater but for a real cinema-like viewing you need to have HDTV.

The basic reason for this is that the number of HDTV programming is increasing with every passing day. Moreover, the audio accompanying HDTV video is in surround sound, which coupled with the surround sound capability of the AV receiver gives super sound quality.

HDTV can improve the quality of the picture even if a DVD has not been recorded in high resolution. This is possible with what is known as the progressive scan signal, enabling a smoother movie-like experience. In addition, later models of DVD players have a capability DVD up-scaling, which can make a world of difference when viewed on HDTV.

Blu-ray discs have become affordable and widely available and also the preferred choice of those who want a true high definition experience. Bly-ray takes full advantage of HDTV, even surpassing upscaled DVDs.

The bottom line is that HDTV is not absolutely necessary if you are planning a home theater but the reason why you must have it is that it is only with high definition television that you can unleash the real potential of high quality programming being aired by TV channels and state and of the art DVDs.

If you have an old television, it would be better that you first change it before you plan a home theater. It really does not make sense to spend money of a home theater system and still not get what you paid for.



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