Should I get a Video Projector for My Home Theater?

If you already own a good television set, at least standard definition and video connections, there is no express need to go for a video projector or change your television. If you are not satisfied with audio and picture quality of your existing television, you should first consider the option of buying a high definition television.

The problem with many consumers is that rather than delve on what is actually good for them they get stuck in technical stuff. Another problem is that the number of choices has increased manifold and the average consumer gets confused. From an old fashioned 25-inch television, there are now dozen sizes to choose from, leave alone the pain of choosing between LCD, plasma, rear projection and front projection.

If your mind is set on a video projector then you should consider the following factors.

The bottom line is that your choice of going for a video projector depends largely upon whether you intend to watch a lot of TV or Blu-ray and DVD movies. If you are just looking for a dark room movie watching experience, a rear projection high definition TV is a much better choice.

  • There are no RF cable or antennae connections on video projectors like they are on television sets. To hook your set top box to a video projector, you need to check whether it has S-Video, component, and/or DVI, or HDMI (for HD components) connections.
  • The bulb in a video projector has a limited life. Watching TV for four hours daily on a video projector would require you to change the bulb somewhere between 18 months and two years. At $200-400 or more for a bulb you may not find it worth going in for a video projector.
  • You may not enjoy watching standard TV or satellite TV through a video projector due to the large screen size.





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